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Matt Damon Confirms ‘Ocean's Eight’ Role — What Part Will He Play?

Matt Damon Confirms ‘Ocean's Eight’ Role — What Part Will He Play?

It was date night for Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso at the Hollywood premiere of his latest movie, “The Great Wall.”

“Extra’s” Charissa Thompson spoke with Matt, who revealed some big news about another one of his famous roles. He addressed rumors about him being part of the highly anticipated all-female “Ocean’s Eight,” confirming, “I haven't shot anything at this point, but I think I'm gonna do a little cameo.”

The premiere took place just one day after Valentine’s Day. As for what he did on the romantic day with his love, Damon smiled and revealed, "It was good. It was nice. She still talks to me, which is great… It turns out that's an important part.”

Along with romance, the actor also had a lot to say on the subject of his “frenemy” Jimmy Kimmel. Earlier this week, Matt appeared in an epic late-night sketch with Jimmy, in which they battled over the identity of the father of Jimmy’s wife’s baby!

“I'm gonna have to see him again at the Oscars, which is a real bummer 'cause that's live and he'll probably say something horrible about me,” he joked, "but I come to expect that from him.”

In “The Great Wall,” Matt is doing battle on the big screen, playing a mercenary out to save China and its famous wall from monsters. He said, “It's the biggest thing I've ever been a part of. It's nuts… There'd be, like, a thousand extras in battle armor. It felt like making a movie 80 years ago in Hollywood.”

“The Great Wall” is in theaters tomorrow.