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Larry Birkhead Reveals How Daughter Dannielynn Reminds Him of Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead Reveals How Daughter Dannielynn Reminds Him of Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead is opening up about his daughter Dannielynn with Anna Nicole Smith 10 years after the model and reality star's death.

In a new interview with “20/20,” Birkhead said, "She is fearless, like her mom. She’ll get on any roller coaster that you put in front of her. I could stand right next to my daughter, and we could look like twins, and the first thing they’ll say is, ‘Spitting image of the mother.’”

As for how he talks about Anna Nicole’s death to 10-year-old Dannielynn, who was only 5 months old when her mom passed away, he said, “The way I've told Dannielynn in the past is that, ‘Your mom took some medicines, and she might not [have] taken them correctly or the right way, and the doctors couldn't help her, and they tried.'”

Nowadays, Larry is raising Dannielynn near Louisville, Kentucky. Though Dannielynn landed a Guess campaign a few years ago, he’s keeping her away from the spotlight. He said, "I've had companies call me since then and ask me for her to model. And the answer's no. She doesn't show any interest in it. And some parents might say, ‘Oh,my gosh, you know, Anna Nicole was her mom? This is the gravy train. Let's roll with this.’ You know? But it's nothing that she wants to do… she wants to be a kid.”

Dannielynn is not receiving any inheritance from Smith’s estate. Larry pointed out, "People think [Dannielynn] has got millions and millions of dollars. She came home and asked me where the money was, and I said, ‘I’m still looking for it.’”

Anna Nicole and Larry met at the Barnstable Brown Gala before the Kentucky Derby while she was filming her reality show “The Anna Nicole Show” in 2002. The photographer said, "She’s waving at me and blowing kisses and, I mean, she knew how to work the camera.”

"The thing about Anna was, it was almost like a split personality, because when the camera was going, she was a whole different thing. That was more, to me, an act than it was the real person, who she was,” he went on.

After things got romantic, Anna Nicole and Larry kept their relationship on the down-low even after he moved to Los Angeles to live with her. He revealed, "No one ever knew one time that I was her boyfriend. The whole time we dated, if you look at all the video, I’m in the back carrying my camera bag — she didn’t want me in the spotlight.”

During their relationship, Larry admitted he considered leaving her “a couple of times.” He explained, "She was a little bit controlling. She wanted you there when she wanted you. We sat back and laughed at the movie ‘The War of the Roses’ because that’s what we said was our relationship.”

Larry learned that Anna Nicole was pregnant with Dannielynn during a fight. He shared, "She said, ‘If you go and pack, you’re going to be feeling really stupid because,’ and she took my hand and she put it on her stomach, and she said, ‘Because we’re going to have a baby.’”

Five months into Anna Nicole's pregnancy, Larry claims they got into another argument and she jetted off to the Bahamas. He revealed, "I was concerned that she was… the medications that she was taking and what impact it would have on our child at the time.”

Larry’s interview with “20/20” airs tonight on ABC.