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Mel Gibson Dishes on Newborn Son: ‘He’s Eating Like a Little Pig'

Mel Gibson sat down with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at the annual Oscar nominees luncheon at the Beverly Hilton, where he chatted about his newborn son and his nomination for his work on “Hacksaw Ridge.”

The director and actor gushed over his ninth child, son Lars, telling Mario, “He great, he’s growing, he’s eating like a little pig and is doing just great.” Mel went on to say, “He even smiles. Two weeks old, he has a grin going, so something’s funny — I don’t know what.”

This is the first time Gibson has been nominated for an Oscar since winning the award for directing “Braveheart” in 1996. He smiled and said, “Twenty years ago is the last time I did one of the lunches.”

Mel was happy to be in attendance and see his old friends, sharing, “I bumped into Denzel… He was brutally honest and told me I need to go to the gym. I was like, ‘Okay — you, too.’”

He revealed girlfriend Rosalind Ross will be joining him at the Oscars. “She certainly will. She already looks like a million bucks.”

As for what the 61-year-old has lined up next, Mel shared, “I think I will be working on a couple of acting gigs, and then I’m working on a directing gig that I want to get going in Europe.”