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How Mary Tyler Moore Inspired Bob Newhart, Larry King & Dick Cavett

How Mary Tyler Moore Inspired Bob Newhart, Larry King & Dick Cavett

Scores of celebrities who knew and worked with Mary Tyler Moore have continued to memorialize her. Bob Newhart, Larry King and Dick Cavett shared memories of the star with "Extra."

Mary’s production company produced longtime friend Bob Newhart's show, which filmed in Studio City during some of the same years as the "Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Newhart told “Extra” he was still in shock over the news of her death. “When I heard the news… it took me back to 1972 and the MTM Studios. It was magical.”

The comedian said she inspired a lot of women. “Today, you can still hear Mary in a lot of the comedies, the female roles. She was such an upper, you know? She was like that off the lot; she smiled, and after all she went through… she smiled.”

In 2005, Moore spoke with Larry King about her long struggle with diabetes. She wanted to make sure others were able to get the help they needed, and made it her passion project. King reflected, “She really fought for that. In fact, if they ever cure diabetes, they should name it after her.”

King reminisced about his last conversation with the seven-time Emmy winner. They joked about her third marriage to cardiologist Robert Levine, “I said, 'How did the last marriage work so well?' She said, 'Because I finally met a Jewish doctor. The lifetime wish!'”

TV host Dick Cavett shared what he loved most about Moore, saying, “Her gutsy wonderful laugh… she was such good company, she made you happy. To be beautiful and a sincerely gifted actress, and funny as hell. She nailed that.”