How Ken Jeong’s Wife’s Cancer Inspired ‘Dr. Ken’ Episode

How Ken Jeong’s Wife’s Cancer Inspired ‘Dr. Ken’ Episode
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Dr. Ken Jeong returns to the “Dr. Oz Show” Friday to talk about his self-titled sitcom and how his real-life experiences will be written into upcoming episodes of “Dr. Ken.”

Dr. Ken and Dr. Oz share a unique connection, with both of them in medicine and media. Dr. Ken’s real-life wife is a 9-year cancer survivor, and he will be working a cancer scare into the show. Ken revealed, "We’ll be co-writing a script, which I'm actually still in the process of working on, you know, where me and my TV wife have a cancer scare.”

He continued, adding that his wife “actually helped outline the episode of the cancer scare episode that I’m working on. So if anything, this year, she's been... she's really been my creative partner as well as my life partner.”

Tune in to “Dr. Oz” Friday, January 27, when Dr. Ken also reveals what happened to his "Hangover" character Mr. Chow.