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Stephen Baldwin Talks Alec’s ‘Funny’ Impersonation of President-elect Trump on ‘SNL'

Stephen Baldwin Talks Alec’s ‘Funny’ Impersonation of President-elect Trump on ‘SNL'

Earlier this morning, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with actor Stephen Baldwin at his family farm in upstate New York as he gets ready for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Stephen, who has been a devout Trump supporter, weighed in on his brother Alec’s recent impression of the President-elect on “Saturday Night Live.” Stephen shared, “Of course, it’s funny!” He also had a message for his big brother, saying, “Yes, Alec, you do a brilliant Trump, baby, and now you got a gig for the next eight years!" He laughed, “Did I say four?”

Stephen, who worked with Donald Trump on two installments of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” revealed that he got to see a different side of Trump then. As for why Trump was his choice for POTUS, the 50-year-old explained, “He’s my guy mostly because he’s not a politician. I think he cares. Does he say things the wrong way? Of course. Has he? Yes. Will he? Probably — he’s just a man. That’s what everybody’s got to figure out.”

Baldwin wants the public to come together and give Trump a chance. “I just think in a very short period of time, we are going to see an uptick in the economy and that’s gonna bless a lot of people and take a lot of people out of the pressure and trouble and pain they’re in, and hopefully we can move from there.”

Stephen will be driving to Washington D.C. tomorrow with his wife for the inauguration. “I’m an invited guest of the New York delegation.”

And while he is a supporter of the new administration, Baldwin is sure he would not take on a political gig if one were offered, saying, “I’m busy — I started a little indie Christian production company.”

He has no problem helping part-time though!