Check Out Robb Report's Top 21 Travel Destinations for 2017!

Check Out Robb Report's Top 21 Travel Destinations for 2017!
"Robb Report"

Robb Report is going all out — and all over the world! — to bring you the Top 21 getaways for 2017.

In the lavishly illustrated new list, most of the continents are represented, as are some of the most exclusive resorts and tourist attractions you may not have heard of yet.

Kicking things off, "Robb Report" recommends a journey to Peru on a four-night cruise aboard an Aqua Expeditions vessel. The 16-suite ship sails the ancient Amazon, and allows for excursions to go looking for exotic wildlife, including pink dolphins, anacondas, macaws... even piranhas. The ship leads to a first-class train ride to Explora Valle Sagrado, an elite lodge near the Urubamba River that sets you up close enough to the famed Machu Picchu ruins that a day trip is a must.

With the easing of tensions between the U.S. and Cuba, Robb Report suggests exploring Cuba now, before it's overrun by "a stampede of hotel chains." Check out the unchanged beauty of the island on superyacht the St. David and spend seven nights sailing from Havana to Cayo Santa Maria and back.

The rest of the list offers great ideas as close to home as Malibu, California, and as far away as a safari in Zimbabwe — check it out and make one of your fantasy itineraries a reality!