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Mario Lopez’s Los Angeles Home Faces Rain Catastrophe

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez experienced a rain-soaked disaster at his Los Angeles home last night.

The weeklong rain caused Lopez’s yard to collapse onto the street below his home. Late Thursday night, Mario took to Instagram to show the havoc that was happening, with police officers and helicopters around his house. Watch!

Well... My yard collapsed into the street below. No Bocce for a while... #ThePowerOfMotherNature #CasaLopezIsWounded

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The next day, Mario posted a clear photo of his yard after the disaster, writing, "So, this is my yard today after City Public Works worked all night. Street below me is completely blocked. Guess the kids aren't playing outside... #CasaLopezIsWounded."

He also posted a video of workers moving the debris after the collapse. Watch.

When it rains in LA... #CasaLopezIsWounded

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