Charlie Sheen Disses Rihanna & Nearly All His Former Costars Except One on ‘Watch What Happens Live!'

Charlie Sheen Disses Rihanna & Nearly All His Former Costars Except One on ‘Watch What Happens Live!'

Charlie Sheen spilled all the tea onWednesday night’s “Watch What Happens Live!” with Andy Cohen while promoting his new Crackle movie “Mad Families."

The 51-year-old actor did not hold back when talking about his 2014 feud with superstar singer Rihanna. When a fan emailed in the question asking if they had patched things up, he quickly snapped back with, “Oh, that b**ch,” as fellow guest Craig Robinson said, “No, no, no!” in disbelief.

Andy chimed in with, “I think you just made it worse.” Sheen clarified, "No, she abandoned common courtesy and common sense.”

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According to Sheen, the drama stems from a night he and his then-fiancée Scottine Sheen (formerly Brett Rossi) saw the singer at a restaurant. When the actor requested to introduce Scottine, Rihanna declined due to too many paparazzi outside.

Sheen then tweeted “oh and [Rihanna], Halloween isn’t for a while. but good on you for testing out your costume in public. it’s close; a more muted pink might be the answer, as in: none.”

He added, "See ya on the way down (we always do) and actually, it was a pleasure NOT meeting you. Clearly we have NOTHING in common when it comes to respect for those who’ve gone before you. I’m guessing you needed those precious 84 seconds to situate that bad wig before you left the restaurant.”

Rihanna responded with a tweet of her own, “If that old queen don’t get ha diapers out of a bunch…”.

Charlie wasn’t too kind to some of his former co-stars either, dissing Jennifer Grey by saying, "Talk about a nose job ruining a career.”

When playing “Plead the Fifth,” Charlie was asked to rate former costars Heather Locklear, Lindsay Lohan, Selma Blair and Jenny McCarthy.

He praised his “Spin City” co-star, saying she was the best. “Heather and then Heather,” he said, for his top choice to work with.

He said his “Scary Movie 5” co-star would come in second, "Lindsay's a trip. She's work but she's cool. She's fun to look at.”

That’s where all the compliments ended, as he said of Jenny and Selma, "I'd like to mash those two together and then kick them to the curb. They deserve each other.”