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Golden Globe Awards 2017 Live Blog

Golden Globe Awards 2017 Live Blog

Host Jimmy Fallon is taking center stage as the 2017 Golden Globes are handed out... and we are there to give you running commentary of tonight’s festivities!

8:01 PM: Sylvester Stallone and his "Rocky co-star Carl Weathers hands out the last award of the night to "Moonlight," who took home Best Drama.

7:57 PM: Leonardo DiCaprio appears onstage to give one of the last awards of the night... Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. The surprise winner is Isabelle Huppert for her work in foreign film "Elle."

7:52 PM: Casey also thanked his kids during his winning speech, saying, “It’s my kids who give me permission to do this because they have the character to keep at bay all the noise that sometimes surrounds people who live publicly.”

7:50 PM: Brie Larson stuns in red while she presents the award for Best Actor in a Drama. The award goes to Casey Affleck for his role in "Manchester by the Sea." While he is aware that he doesn't have much time on the stage, he put the spotlight on "perfect" co-star Michelle Williams.


7:44 PM: "La La Land' wins Best Musical or Comedy.

7:41 PM: Surprise! Brad Pitt makes an appearance at the Golden Globes, where he spoke about his film "Moonlight." The film is nominated for six Golden Globes.


7:35 PM: Pierce Brosnan introduces nominated film "Sing Street," which is competing against "20th Century Women," "Deadpool," "La La Land," and "Florence Foster Jenkins."


7:33 PM: Emma Stone thanked her mom for supporting her. While tearing up, she mentioned that she moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago. She thanked co-star Ryan Gosling for being the "best partner anyone could ask for." She encouraged those to never give up at the end of her acceptance speech.

7:31 PM: Matt Damon showed some scruff while presenting the award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Before giving out the award, he joked that Meryl was a "newcomer." The award went to Emma Stone for her work on "La La Land."


7:25 PM: After taking the stage, Danny gave a shout out to his son and the mother of his son for making him believe again.

7:24 PM: Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are giving out the award for Best Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. Donald Glover wins again for his role in "Atlanta."


7:22 PM: Damien admits he's "in a daze" after the win.

7:21 PM: Sienna Miller, Ben Affleck, and Zoe Saldana join the stage to give out the award for Best Director in a Drama... and Damien Chazelle wins again for "La La Land."


7:19 PM: Chris Pine thanks Meryl Streep for her speech before introducing his nominated film "Hell or High Water."


7:07 PM: Meryl Streep came onstage to take home the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Though she lost her voice, she was still able to bash President-elect Donald Trump without ever naming him. Before she ended her speech, she mentioned Princess Leia, who was played by the late Carrie Fisher.


6:59 PM: Viola Davis comes on stage to pay tribute to nominee Meryl Streep. She said, "You are a muse.. Dame Streep, I see you."


6:52 PM: "The Crown" also won Best Drama Series.

6:49 PM: Jon Hamm and Laura Dern are on stage to present Best Actress in a Drama Series... and the winner goes to Claire Foy for "The Crown." After accepting the award, Claire said she was "shocked" to win. She gave a shoutout to John Lithgow

6:47 PM: Jake Gyllenhaal is on stage to present "Deadpool."


6:40 PM: Tom Hiddleston reacted to the win, saying, "This is lovely." He put the spotlight on the children of South Sudan, which he recently visited. After talking about his time in South Sudan, he dedicated the award to "those out there who are doing their best."

6:38 PM: Anna Kendrick and Justin Theroux present the award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film. The winner is... Tom Hiddleston for "The Night Manager." It was his first win.


6:35 PM: Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot gave out the award for Best Foreign Film, which was won by "Elle."


6:34 PM: Nominated actor Casey Affleck rocked a man bun while introducing his nominated drama "Manchester by a Sea."


6:29 PM: Jimmy Fallon helps pay tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, who died just one day apart. Vintage clips of Carrie and Debbie from their films were shown for the star-studded audience.

6:27 PM: The Golden Globe goes to "Zootopia."

6:24 PM: Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig are on stage to present Best Animated Film. Before giving out the award, Steve retold a childhood story about seeing Fantasia. He made the audience laugh by saying that it was the same day that he found out his mom and dad were getting a divorce. Wiig said her first animated film was "Bambi" and said it was the last day she say her grandpa. They embraced each other before revealing the winner.


6:21 PM: Damien thanked Ryan and Emma for "taking a chance" on the movie.

6:20 PM: Felicity Jones and Diego Luna are presenting the award for Best Screenplay for a Musical or Comedy. The award goes to Damien Chazelle for "La La Land."


6:14 PM: While on stage, Ryan joked about being mistaken for Ryan Reynolds. He said the award is "ours," referring to Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle. He also acknowledged his love Eva Mendes, who was holding down the front when he was shooting the film. He dedicated the award to Eva's brother, Carlos, who recently died of cancer.


6:12 PM: Amy Schumer asked Goldie Hawn if she needed glasses while presenting Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy on stage. And the Golden Globe goes to... Ryan Gosling for "La La Land."


6:11 PM: Dev Patel and his adorable co-star introduced their film "Lion," which is nominated for Best Drama.


6:09 PM: Kristin Bell & Cuba Gooding Jr. presented Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film, which was won by Olivia Colman. She was not able to make it to the show, but she was recognized for her work on "The Night Manager."


6:01 PM: Jimmy Fallon introduces Michael Keaton, who is giving out the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama, Musical or Comedy. The winner is Viola Davis for her role in "Fences." While tearing up, Viola thanked Denzel Washington for being an "extraordinary leader." She also thanked her husband, daughter, and father.

6:01 PM: John Legend introduces "La La Land," which is nominated for seven awards.


5:51 PM: Carrie Underwood & Sting on stage to present the best original score FOR and the winner goes to Justin Hurwitz for his work on "La La Land." The movie also won Best Original Song for its song "City of Stars."


5:50 PM: Sofia Vergara accidentally says "anal tradition" instead of annual tradition while presenting the Golden Globes girls.


5:46 PM: Matt Bomer and Naomi Campbell are presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film. And the Golden Globe goes to... Hugh Laurie for his work in the "The Night Manager." He accepted the award on behalf of "psychopathic billionaires everywhere."

5:45 PM: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is showing off her skills as a DJ before Annette Bening introduced her nominated film "20th Century Women."


5:38 PM: Along with Sarah, "The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story" also took home the award for Best Miniseries or Television Film.

5:36 PM: Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman is giving out the award for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film. THe winner is Sarah Paulson, who won for "The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story." After she took the stage, she said she felt like she was "going to faint." She made sure to thank Ryan Murphy and Marcia Clark, who she played in the series.

5:34 PM: Vince Vaughn takes the stage to introduce nominated film "Hacksaw Ridge," which is competing against "Lion," "Manchester By the Sea," and "Moonlight."


5:26 PM: "Alanta" takes home the award for Musical or Comedy series. Donald Glover comes onto the stage to accept the award, telling the crowd, "This is incredible." He also thanked the "black folk" in Atlanta.

5:22 PM: Drew Barrymore is on stage to introduce Best Performance in a Television Series by an Actress – Musical or Comedy. The winner is... Tracee Ellis Ross! The "Blackish" actress dedicated her award to the "women of color."

5:20 PM: Jimmy Fallon jokes about "getting off the phone with Mariah Carey" before introducing Hugh Grant to the stage. Grant introduces his film "Florence Foster Jenkins," which is nominated for Best Musical or Comedy.

5:12 PM: Priyanka Chopra is stunning in gold while presenting Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Golden Globe goes to Billy Bob Thorton for "Goliath." Billy jokes about winning over Bob Odenkirk, but said, "I love Bob."

5:10 PM: Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are the first presenters of the night to give out the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. And the winner goes to Aaron Taylor Johnson for his role in "Nocturnal Animals." Aaron thanked his wife for "putting up with me" during the shooting of the movie.

5:08 PM: Jimmy says that "Manchester By the Sea" was the "only thing more depressing than 2016."

5:06 PM: Though the teleprompter is broken, Jimmy Fallon is able to make a joke about the election saying the "popular vote" still matters at the Golden Globes.

5:01 PM: Jimmy Fallon is starting off the show with a parody of "La La Land" parody. Some of the big names to be in the opening segment include Kit Harington, Justin Timberlake, and the stars of "Stranger Things."