Savannah Guthrie Surprises Matt Lauer for His 20th Anniversary Celebration

It was Matt Lauer’s big day at the “Today" show, but it was Savannah Guthrie who stole the spotlight!

The new mom is currently on maternity leave from the show, but decided she just had to surprise Matt for his 20th anniversary celebration.

As Matt walked out onto the plaza, with former co-host Katie Couric leading the way, he was treated to cheering fans and his “Today” show colleagues supporting him — but the best was saved for last when Savannah greeted him and they excitedly hugged each other.

Surprised, he asked her, “What are you doing?!” She excitedly replied, “I couldn’t miss it!” As she embraced her co-host. Matt then said, “You texted me from here? You texted me 20 minutes ago.”

This was the first time the two co-hosts have reunited since seeing each other in the hospital when Savannah welcomed her son Charley.

Guthrie joked with her co-host, saying, “Matt, you know this, but I’ve looked up to you all my life, because you’re so old.” She added, “I just want to say, we adore you… One of the things that is so wonderful about you is that from the second I walked in here, one of the things I noticed is that Matt knows every single person’s first name and last name. He knows the name of their dog. He knows how their mother is doing.”

Matt also received the love on Twitter. Guthrie shared the message, “Sending all kinds of love to @MLauer on his 20th @TODAYshow anniversary. A class act, great friend and once in a generation talent.”

Katie, who is filling in this week on the show, tweeted “Then vs. now” with two photos of her and Lauer.

Matt’s first co-host also shared during the opening, “So many high points and so many low points. I’m just so excited to celebrate you.”