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Mariah Carey’s ‘Hurt’ but ‘Moving On’ After NYE Nightmare

Mariah Carey’s ‘Hurt’ but ‘Moving On’ After NYE Nightmare

After Mariah Carey’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance, her manager Stella Bulochnikov is getting candid about the drama and headlines surrounding the night — and even has some words for Mariah’s ex, Tommy Mottola.

Mariah’s manager spoke to “Extra,” sharing how the “Butterfly” singer is doing now. “Mariah’s hurt. She’s a really good person, she went out of her way to be there, and be festive… Of course she’s moving on, and we have bigger and better things to do.”

Bulochnikov got candid when speaking about Mariah’s ex-husband and music manager Tommy Mottola, who said Mariah needed better professional help. Bulochnikov responded to the claim by saying, “Clearly Tommy Mottola is just looking for attention; maybe he and Jenny McCarthy should date. They’d make a perfect couple. I would love to know what cave Tommy Mottola climbed out of to start commenting. Tell Tommy Mottola if I wanted his opinion, I’d give it to him.”

“I was actually there and I lived through the day with my client and partner,” she said.

Bulochnikov explained to “Extra" what actually happened at the New Year’s Eve performance, saying, "Mariah was upset that Dick Clark Productions never apologized after they begged her to do the show… She was really a pro, a good sport during and after the show by even coming in with Ryan and ringing in the New Year and waiting for somebody, anybody, to come to her and say, 'Mariah, we’re so sorry, on a human level, we’re sorry that this happened, how can we make it up to you?' and no one… it was crickets.”

Stella made it clear that Mariah and her team informed various DCP staff that there were issues with her in-ear monitors during the soundcheck, being told it would be resolved when they got to the stage. Stella said of the soundcheck, “The rehearsal is not for Mariah; she doesn’t need to rehearse the songs she wrote… She knows them, she can sing them in her sleep.”

Though Mariah was criticized for using a body double during her soundcheck, Bulochnikov pointed out that the stand-in was there so Mariah could listen to the music. “Mariah was on the side, listening to the music to make sure it would work for her.”

Bulochnikov continued to say when Mariah did take the stage, she still could not hear anything in her in-ear. “By the time she goes live… What she wants to hear is her music playing, but it’s impossible to know when to come in because what you hear is music, along with screaming from Times Square, along with people that are on other stages, along with music from the buildings. By the time you can catch up to where the music is, it’s chaos, it’s overwhelming. At that point, the smartest thing that she did was not sing… There’s no win.”

Dick Clark Productions has maintained that they had no involvement in the challenges associated with the performance.

Bulochnikov also shed light on some other things currently going on in Mariah’s world, including the budding romance between Mariah and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.

In a recent promo clip for Mariah’s docuseries “Mariah’s World,” the two are seen sharing a steamy kiss. Stella urges viewers to tune in to see what happens, but did make it clear that Tanaka did not contribute to Carey and James Packer’s breakup. “No, no, no,” she said, adding, “Life organically evolved — life happened.”

When asked if Mariah would perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump, she said, “Nobody called us.”