How Oprah Winfrey Feels About Life After 40-Lb. Weight Loss

How Oprah Winfrey Feels About Life After 40-Lb. Weight Loss

Check out a sneak peek of Oprah Winfrey’s one-hour interview with Dr. Oz.

In the interview, set to air Wednesday, Winfrey opens up about life after losing over 40 pounds. She shared, “So for me it's about living a more full, vibrant, alive, and connected life. And I can tell you at this particular point and stage of my life I am happier and healthier and the true word is content.”

She continued, "I feel such a deep sense of appreciation and contentment. It really – sometimes I'm so filled with just the joy of being able to be alive that it... it just... it fills me up. It fills me up. And I want that for everybody who has struggled as I have.”

Oprah also opened up about feeling shamed after her 1985 "The Tonight Show" interview with the late Joan Rivers. Watch!

Oprah hopes to go “glamping” with First Lady Michelle Obama in the new year. She explained, “Why should I camp when I can glamp? Why should I camp? So glamping is when you have some people to help you set up the tent and you, perhaps, have them helping you with the food and the things. You're not doing everything yourself, but at least you're out in the wilderness. I love... this is a year, 100th anniversary of the national parks, so I want to see all the national parks. I'm going to try to convince Michelle Obama to do it.” Watch!