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Queen Latifah’s Car Stolen

Queen Latifah’s Car Stolen

Just days before Christmas, “Star" actress Queen Latifah had her car stolen in Atlanta.

On December 20, another person had been driving Latifah’s 2015 Mercedes Benz S63 and was pumping gas at a Shell station when a white BMW pulled up beside Latifah’s car, according to Fox Atlanta. Someone from the second car started the ignition in Latifah’s vehicle and sped off.

Lucky for her, Fulton County Police were able to track down Latifah's Benz, which was parked at an apartment complex in Southwest Atlanta.

After police recovered the car, Latifah went through it and found lemonade and fruit punch bottles left by the thieves. The police do not have anybody in custody in connection with the crime.

Queen Latifah's car has been stolen before — back in the '90s, two teenagers stole her BMW in Harlem, shooting her bodyguard Sean Moon in the process. The car thieves were later charged with attempted murder.