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Why the Kardashians Are Worried About Rob After His Split with Blac Chyna

Why the Kardashians Are Worried About Rob After His Split with Blac Chyna

Earlier this week, Rob Kardashian revealed that he was getting help after his “emotional” meltdown following his breakup with Blac Chyna.

Though he declared that he was going to “get better for you Dream,” his family is still concerned. A source told People magazine, "His health and issues are out of control. He makes empty promises but doesn’t end up doing anything. He says he’ll go to therapy or work out, but he often sits at home and eats In-N-Out.”

Rob’s famous family also reportedly don’t approve of his relationship with Chyna. Another insider explained, “At least some of his family members want Rob to split up with Chyna so they can say, ‘We told you so Rob. You deserve better.’ But Rob won’t listen to them. He wants to be with Chyna.”

Rob has since apologized to Chyna after airing their dirty laundry on social media, with Chyna posting a heart emoji as a response. According to Us Weekly, the pair have reportedly reconciled after a “heat of the moment” breakup. A source said, "He apologized to her on the phone. She was just sick of him and his behavior. She had it with his insecurities and jealousy.”

Another pal revealed about Chyna’s decision to leave Rob over the weekend, “Chyna just couldn't live with him anymore. [They both] say mean things [and it] blows up into these fights. She just couldn't deal with his moodiness anymore. She just had to get away from it."