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Kate Beckinsale Dishes on Holiday Plans with Ex Michael Sheen & His GF Sarah Silverman

Kate Beckinsale Dishes on Holiday Plans with Ex Michael Sheen & His GF Sarah Silverman

As Kate Beckinsale promoted the fifth installment of "Underworld,” she opened up about her upcoming holiday plans!

Though Beckinsale and ex-husband Michael Sheen are no longer a couple, they are friendly exes who spend the holidays with their 17-year-old daughter Lilly. While revealing they are going stay in Los Angeles for the holidays this year, she shared, “I quite often go back to the UK for the holidays, but this time, I've been traveling so much, you know, with various work things, that I brought the UK to me, so I'll have my… my family here and my daughter's dad [Sheen] and his girlfriend [Sarah Silverman] will be here and it will be fun.”

She added, “Yeah, we're pretty lucky… yeah… I really like my family… I got handed a good one, and then I think we, you know, we all helped construct a good one. We’re lucky.”

Just before the holiday season, Beckinsale and Sheen celebrated Lilly, who is about to go to college. As for whether her daughter is impressed by the strong roles she plays, Kate mentioned, “It's been nice. I mean, I think when it's your own mother, I think it's 90 percent embarrassing, do you know what I mean? It's like, ‘Please, do you mind not wearing those trousers again?’ — you know what I mean? It's more like that, which I totally get, but in general, I think my daughter is, you know, a really strong, together, smart, cool girl herself and I think appreciates there being, you know, women… pushing little ceilings… I think she's all for that even if it's me.”

In “Underworld Blood Wars,” Beckinsale plays the vampire warrior Selene, which has made her an unlikely hero. She commented, “I mean, ‘Underworld 1’ was, like, a huge experiment for me. It's like they for some mad reason offered the least likely person in the universe to be in an action movie and I know I tend to respond as an actor if I'm offered something that I feel like, ‘Oh, my God, this is too much,' that you should probably do it, like, even if you fail, it's still a good exercise to try and stretch yourself a little bit. But it kind of got out of control, and here we are in number five.”

“Underworld Blood Wars” is in theaters January 6.