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Blake Shelton Goes on ‘Bachelor'-Style Dates with Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton Goes on ‘Bachelor'-Style Dates with Gwen Stefani

Last night, country singer Blake Shelton made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” where he dished on his dream dates with Gwen Stefani.

During the interview, Blake confirmed that he has a helicopter at his home in Oklahoma and has taken Gwen Stefani on it. He said, "We do. We use that thing a lot. It gets a lot more use than you would think.” Watch!

Shelton went to clarify that he doesn’t pilot the helicopter on their dates. "I don’t fly it. I don’t know how to fly it. So we use somebody else because in order to fly in it you need to be drinking. In order to be able to settle in and really enjoy, you gotta have some drinks and you shouldn’t be flying,” he quipped. “Everybody knows you shouldn’t be drinking and flying.”

While Blake takes her on helicopter dates, Gwen took him to a very popular tourist attraction in her hometown. He revealed, "She took me to Disneyland. Then she drove me down the street to the house she grew up in, and then the house that they used where they basically created No Doubt and wrote a lot of the songs and rehearsed every day on Beacon Street down there.”

"The houses, they’ve been sold and bought or whatever, so if you look out your window and Gwen Stefani is standing in your lawn taking selfies — and this happened, I was down there just a couple months ago,” Blake reflected. "She was like, ‘Oh, my god, there’s my house.' She jumps out of the car and is standing in these random people’s lawn. They may not even know they live in the house she grew up in, you know, and she’s taking selfies in front of it. It was cool.” Watch!

Blake was on the show to promote his album “If I’m Honest."