Chewbacca Mom Joins TLC as TLCme Vlogger

Candace Payne — or, as the world knows her, Chewbacca Mom — is bringing her infectious laugh and joy-filled spirit to TLCme, TLC’s digital destination.

Candace gained internet fame after posting a Facebook Live video wearing a Chewbacca mask. The video has taken the title of most-viewed Facebook Live video in history, racking up over 162 million views. After gaining notoriety, she posted her rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World,” which also went viral.

In the last year, Candace has appeared on "Good Morning America," "Entertainment Tonight," "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and more.

As a TLCme vlogger, she will be able to showcase her incredible sense of humor, positivity and powerful voice in her segments "2 Truths & a Lie with Candace” and “Sing Along with Candace.”

“Since posting my video on Facebook, life has been pretty crazy. I’ve had a lot of really awesome experiences, and now I’m adding to that list by joining the TLC family,” said Payne. “I can’t wait to share more videos, inspire more people and bring joy to someone’s day with a little bit of laughter and fun.”

TLCme will kick-off the relationship with two digital series with the first video debuting Monday, December 19.