'This Is Us’ Cast Reacts to Golden Globe Nominations

'This Is Us’ Cast Reacts to Golden Globe Nominations

It was a huge morning for NBC's hit show “This Is Us” as the drama scored three Golden Globe nominations total.

The show is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, and both Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz picked up nods in the Supporting Actress category, only 10 episodes into the season.

“Extra” was on set with the stars this morning right after the news broke.

Chrissy Metz mentioned, “My agent says, 'I’m coming over!’ at 4:30 in the morning… I honestly wasn’t thinking me.” Chrissy was late to turn on the TV and went on Facebook Live. “He was like, 'Chrissy Metz, "This Is Us,"' I was like, ‘What? Wait,' and I started laughing 'cause if you don’t laugh, you cry. Then I started crying.” She revealed her agent was running around her apartment. “He woke my roommate up — yes, I still have a roommate.”

Chrissy continued, “It’s the best Christmas morning before Christmas morning.” When asked what she might wear to the ceremony January 8, she replied, “Maybe someone will come out of the woodwork and want to dress me.”

Mandy Moore received the news from on-screen hubby Milo Ventimiglia. “It’s been pretty mind-blowing. I woke up early because my boyfriend was traveling today, so I got up to make us coffee, and my phone lit up and it was Milo and he said, ‘Congratulations,' and I thought the show was nominated and I looked on Twitter and was shaking.” Mandy will be up against Chrissy, but says she is rooting for her co-star. “Chrissy all the way. My money's on Chrissy.”

Milo called the nominations “honoring and humbling.” Saying he was up early to hear the nominations because he was doing other work, he predicted it would be a fun day on set, as he was looking forward to shaking the hands of the crew. “It’s a group effort,” he told “Extra."