Mandy Moore Teases What’s to Come on 'This Is Us' at Critics’ Choice Awards

Mandy Moore turned heads in a plunging Solace London gown at the Critics’ Choice Awards Sunday night.

The “This Is Us” star talked to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh on the blue carpet, where she said she is still stunned over all of the love for her hit series. “I think we are blown away that it’s resonating with people,” she said. "Every day we come to work and pinch ourselves, like, wow, the response is overwhelming.”

Fans have become very invested in the show and characters, with many wondering what is next, especially the fate of Toby after the midseason finale.

Mandy said she cannot reveal any spoilers, but did share, “There will be some sort of resolution in finding out what happens in where we left the show.” She added, “We jump in time and it’s when Jack and Rebecca find out they're pregnant and expecting triplets and not just one baby.”

The show was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award, and although it didn't win, it will have another chance at the Golden Globes — nominations were announced this morning, and the NBC show is up for statues in three categories, including a supporting actress nod for Mandy.