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What Sarah Jessica Parker Loves to Do When People Buy Her Shoes

What Sarah Jessica Parker Loves to Do When People Buy Her Shoes

Only “Extra’s” special correspondent Adam Glassman was with Sarah Jessica Parker as she opened her first shoe store last night! The actress turned designer, who started her brand just a few years ago, gave our fashion guru a sneak peek at the store’s shelves, filled with enough stilettos to make Carrie Bradshaw blush.

While launching SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland, Parker said, “It’s thrilling… there were a confluence of things that lead to this experience.”

As she was showing Adam her favorite looks, she proclaimed, “I always sign shoes. If you buy a pair of shoes, I'll sign them happily.” She pointed out that she loves to sell shoes and enjoys the exchange she has with customers.

The star, who made fans fall in love with her on her “Sex and the City” series, also had something to say about a third installation of the hit movie. “I got nothing yet, I got nothing,” she admitted. "I will tell you that when I know anything, I will tell you. That is your exclusive.”

Though nothing is set for the third “Sex and the City” film, SJP will definitely be back on her newest HBO drama, “Divorce,” which was picked up for Season 2. “I know. I'm so relieved… We didn't know how people would respond. But the great thing is that it's been growing every week so we feel enormously gratified and excited about next season.”

One place you won’t find SJP, however, is on Twitter — she recently quit the social media site. “I'm stunned by the language women use about one another to one another. It really shocks me. I’m really kind of undone by it.” She went on, “I feel there's other ways I can spend my time and engage with people.” She feels that the community on Instagram is more forgiving.

The 51-year-old Hillary supporter also weighed in on President-elect Trump, acknowledging, “I think it’s a really interesting time. I think it’s complicated… I’m going to look at this next chapter, the new year, and say, ‘This is an opportunity to reinvest in the values and issues that were important to me this election cycle.'”