Where to Experience Vancouver’s Premier Cuisine

Are your taste buds looking for an under-the-sea adventure? How about the greatest steak you have ever tasted? “Extra’s” Michael Corbett is showing you a new dining experience in Vancouver!

Mark Greenfield is the executive chef at Coast, where they have some of the finest seafood on the West Coast. “It’s really the freshness of the ingredients. You go ten blocks in any direction from Coast and you hit the ocean,” Mark says. “We have fisherman call us up every day with what just came into the boat."

Stars such as Bradley Cooper and Chelsea Handler can't resist the taste of Coast’s food. Marks says that they serve up “a whole local sea bass that’s salt-baked, so it’s baked in a salt crust and then flambéed tableside.”

If you are looking for a view with your dining, look no further than Ancora. It’s situated right on the famed seawall, and it serves up a unique take on West Coast cuisine.

Executive Chef Ricardo Valverde says it’s one of the places you want to be in downtown Vancouver. “You have Granville Island and then you have all the creek and the water, yachts.” Sounds like it’s the perfect place to enjoy the Peruvian ceviche, Dungeness crab, or sashimi.

Vancouver is known for its great seafood restaurants, but if you're looking for a terrific steak, you have to try Gotham Steakhouse & Bar. Chef Jean-Claude Douguet mentions, “We are famous for our big cuts of steak.” They’re also famous for having stars like George Clooney, Halle Berry, and Nicholas Cage stop by for dinner.

Vancouver cuisine is as varied as the inhabitants of the sea, and there’s no doubt you’ll find something to whet your appetite!

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