'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

We’re live-blogging the “The Voice” Season 11 results episode tonight! Tonight, the show goes from eight contestants down to four for the finals next week.

At the start of the show, the remaining contestants include:

Team Miley Cyrus: Ali Caldwell and Aaron Gibson

Team Adam Levine: Billy Gilman, Brendan Fletcher and Josh Gallagher

Team Alicia Keys: Christian Cuevas and Wé McDonald

Team Blake Shelton: Sundance Head

Read on to find out who was safe and who went home this week!


8:59 PM: The contestant making it through to the finals after the instant save is... Josh Gallagher!!

8:58 PM: Coach Adam giving his final words of the night to Josh. "I feel like we are on such a roll... There is something really special about your character."

8:57 PM: "You are a superstar! Never forget it!" Miley praising Ali's progress throughout the competition.

8:56 PM: Alicia to Christian, "You have already broken through so many boundaries, I am so proud of you"

8:55 PM: We are about to learn who is making it through! This is so nerve-racking!

8:53 PM: "The Voice" instant save starts right now!! Five minutes on the clock!

8:52 PM: Coach Adam fighting for fans to vote for Josh, "This guys has been consistently getting better and better... I truly believe next week will be your best week"

8:50 PM: Josh Gallagher singing "I Drive You Truck" for his chance to make it into the finals.

8:49 PM: Miley Cyrus to Ali, "I don't even know how you just did what you did, because I am about to pass out. I don't know how you did it... I am always so proud of you."

8:47 PM: Miley Cyrus is already on her feet, with a big smile for Ali!

8:46 PM: Ali Caldwell is up next singing, "Sledgehammer" and she is giving it her all!

8:45 PM: "There's never been a moment he didn't sing his truth... You're voice is incredible, you are incredible, you deserve to be here." -Alicia to Christian

8:43 PM: Singing "I Can't Make You Love Me," Christian Cuevas looks for you to save him!

8:42 PM: Christian, Ali and Josh are getting ready for you to instantly save them!

8:39 PM: Going into the commercial break, Team Alicia and Team Adam both have two contestants left. Team Miley and Team Blake each have one contestant prior to the instant save performances.

8:38 PM: That means we will be saying goodbye to Aaron Gibson from Team Miley and Brendan Fletcher from Team Adam.

8:37 PM: The contestants who will sing for the instant save will be: Ali Caldwell from Team Miley, Christian Cuevas from Team Alicia and Josh Gallagher from Team Adam!

8:36 PM: The remaining five contestants are taking the stage once again.

8:32 PM: Country crooner and coach Blake Shelton is on stage singing his new song, "A Guy With A Girl." He is giving us all the feels right now!

8:32 PM: The last finalist will be determined by the instant save.

8:27 PM: Getting down to it. The third finalist is... Wé McDonald from Team Alicia!

8:22 PM: Season 10 finalist Hannah Huston, from Team Pharrell returns to "The Voice" stage to sing her new single, "I Alone Have Loved You."

8:18 PM: And just like that, Sundance Head is moving on to the finals!! Congrats to the last member of Team Blake!

8:17 PM: "I've learned to trust myself from the experience with Blake... and sometimes it's important to just be quiet and listen." Sundance on what he has learned from the show.

8:16 PM: "Always represent yourself." -Jennifer Hudson giving the contestants advice.

8:14 PM: Jennifer Hudson is giving the Top 8 a behind the scenes look at her show, "Hairspray Live!" airing tomorrow on NBC.

8:10 PM: One Republic is singing their song, “Let’s Hurt Tonight” now! This is swoon-worthy!

8:05 PM: The first finalist is... Billy Gilman from Team Adam!

8:04 PM: It's already time to get results! Let's get to it!

8:03 PM: "I'm still the same person I was when I came in, I'm just better now" -Christian Cuevas

8:01 PM: Excited to see One Republic, Blake Shelton and Hannah Huston perform tonight!

8:00 PM: Let's get this show started!