'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

We’re live-blogging the “The Voice” Season 11 results episode tonight!

At the start of the show, the remaining contestants include:

Team Miley Cyrus: Ali Caldwell and Aaron Gibson

Team Adam Levine: Billy Gilman, Brendan Fletcher and Josh Gallagher

Team Alicia Keys: Christian Cuevas and Wé McDonald

Team Blake Shelton: Sundance Head, Austin Allsup and Courtney Harrell

Read on to find out who was safe and who went home this week!


8:59 PM: America, you instantly saved... Aaron Gibson! Which means we have to say goodbye to Austin Allsup and Courtney Harrell.

8:58 PM: Miley speaking to Aaron about having the strength and courage to get up on "The Voice" stage.

8:57 PM: Blake Shelton giving Austin Allsup and Courtney Harrell some words of encouragement.

8:52 PM: Time for the instant save! 5 minutes on the clock!

8:51 PM: Adam Levine just told Aaron that this was his best performance of his! Miley reiterating his praises, "You're so honest... so genuine."

8:49 PM: Aaron is bringing Miley Cyrus to tears!

8:48 PM: Aaron Gibson from Team Miley is up next singing, “Don't Think Twice, It's All Right” with his guitar.

8:47 PM: Standing ovation from Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton. Alicia says her voice is "so very pure." Blake adding Courtney is one of his favorites ever, "Look how far you have made it in this competition. Please vote for Courtney, she deserves this!"

8:44 PM: Courtney Harrell will sing "Bless The Broken Road" for her instant save song.

8:43 PM: Coach Blake says of Austin, "We're almost to the end of this and you're still standing... and you just proved why you are still here."

8:41 PM: Austin Allsup from Team Blake will sing "Tennessee Whisky" for your instant save!

8:40 PM: Get those tweets ready America, the instant save is almost here!

8:36 PM: America saved Josh Gallagher! That's a clean sweep from Team Adam!

8:35 PM: Courtney Harrell and Austin Allsup sharing their thoughts being in the top 10. Both getting teary-eyed.

8:31 PM: Excited for this performance of "Jolene" with Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus and Pentatonix! They sound AMAZING!

8:28 PM: As we go into commercial break, we have Josh Gallagher, Aaron Gibson, Austin Allsup and Courtney Harrell left to hear their results.

8:27 PM: Up next is... Wé McDonald!

8:25 PM: The next to be saved by America is Billy Gilman from Team Adam!

8:24 PM: Time for some more eliminations.

8:20 PM: The next two artist who are safe this week are... Christian Cuevas from Team Alicia and Ali Caldwell from Team Miley

8:17 PM: The remaining eight contestants take the stage to hear their results.

8:16 PM: Adam says of his team, "We can't be beat... I'm pretty pumped where we are at."

8:14 PM: Blake speaking on how proud he is of his team, "This thing is hard... It's impossible it feels like sometimes... Everyone should be so thankful and proud."

8:10 PM: America also saved... Sundance Head From Team Blake!

8:09 PM: From Team Adam, Brendan Fletcher makes it to the semi-finals!

8:08 PM: The first save for the night goes to...

8:06 PM: Jane Lynch challenging "The Voice" coaches to an auto tune karaoke game! Blake and Adam won!

8:05 PM: WOW what a performance! "Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love" airs tomorrow at 9 p.m. on NBC.

8:01 PM: The one and only Dolly Parton singing with Jennifer Nettles and the top 10 to "Circle of Love."

8 PM: Here we go! We will soon learn who made it into the top eight!