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Would Kelly Clarkson Be Thankful for More Children This Thanksgiving?

Would Kelly Clarkson Be Thankful for More Children This Thanksgiving?

“Extra’s” special correspondent Alecia Davis caught up with Kelly Clarkson to talk about the holidays and all of the things for which she is thankful.

Along with sales of over 25 million albums, ranking in 100 Billboard number-one hits, and three forthcoming Christmas specials, Kelly is thankful for her family — husband and manager Brandon Blackstock and their children. “I am super thankful I’m never going to be pregnant again,” she said. “I have my beautiful children and I’m done!” Clarkson revealed last month that she not only had her tubes tied, but she had her husband get a vasectomy as well.

What is her trick to keeping a balance between career and family? “We're still working on that,” she admitted. “It’s pretty hard, being a working mom — I’m not gonna lie — but it’s worth it for not only my little girls, but our boys to see women working and still being able to do that and accomplish being a great mom, which I feel like I’m doing. I think it’s worth it definitely… I have a great teammate with my husband. He will definitely reel me in when I’m like, ‘It’s all going down, we're losing it!’”

With the holidays coming up, Kelly talked about her special holiday song collection. “I pick my favorites,” she said. “I always love ‘I’Il Be Home for Christmas’ and I think it’s very telling for people in our industry ‘cause we're never home anytime, ever. So it’s nice that we do actually get Christmas off, so I do actually love that one for irony. And I love ‘Underneath the Tree,’ my single that I released off my album; I just think it’s fun.”

To see Kelly get the holiday season started, check out Disney’s “Magical Holiday Celebration” tomorrow on ABC.