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How Mariah Carey Rebounded After Breakup with James Packer

Mariah Carey wants to let fans know she is doing fine! “Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with the superstar as she was preparing to launch her docu-series, “Mariah’s World.”

Friday night with @MariahCarey

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During the interview, Mariah opened up about the end of her engagement to Aussie Billionaire James Packer, which has been dominating headlines.

Mario said, "You look like life is good, you’re handling everything well. You don’t look distraught at all." Mariah replied, “Do I look distraught?” Mario clarified, “No, I said you don’t look distraught.” Mariah said, “Okay, good. I’m definitely not distraught.”

The multi-platinum singer broke her silence about her ex-husband Nick Cannon’s news that he is expecting a baby with former girlfriend Brittany Bell. “I’ll always be supportive of him… and this is all news to me, 'cause I didn’t know about this till maybe last week. I asked him a question and then he kinda said yes, but didn’t, and I’m like, it’s kinda confirmed… If he’s happy that’s great.”

Nick and Mariah’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe, will be included in the eight-part series on E! Mariah said she looked closely at the footage, revealing, “I don’t know if I learn something about myself, but I’ll definitely sit there and critique… I’ll just look at myself and go, 'Oh why did I do that? Oh, what is this?'”

The singer is getting into the holiday spirit. “I have Christmas shows that I do in New York at the Beacon Theater… that’s one of my favorite things to do.” She also broke news about a project with her uber famous song “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” saying, “I have another project using that song… it’s animation.”

While that project is under wraps until next year, for now you can see what “Mariah’s World” is all about December 4 on E!