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How Kim Kardashian Is Handling Kanye West’s Hospitalization

How Kim Kardashian Is Handling Kanye West’s Hospitalization

Reality star Kim Kardashian immediately flew back to Los Angeles as news broke of husband Kanye West’s hospitalization.

Kardashian skipped the Angel Ball, which had been slated to be her first red-carpet event after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, flying from New York City to be by Kanye’s side. A source told E! News, "Kim is by his side now and will stand there till everything gets better. Their time together was just about support. Kanye will be ok. He has a good set of doctors and the main thing is he wants to get through this."

Kim has been able to move on from the heist and be strong for her family. The insider continued, "She is just holding things down like Kanye did for her when she needed support. Kim is doing much better and is strong. This shall pass she believes.”

Another source revealed how the robbery affected the power couple’s marriage, telling People magazine, "Kim [was] usually the more stable and strong person in the marriage. Kanye is used to leaning on her. Since Kim has had her own issues to deal with, the roles have been reversed. Kanye has had to stay strong to support Kim, and it’s like he can’t handle it anymore.”

Even before his admittance into the hospital, Kim was reportedly worried about him. The first source explained, "Kim was concerned that he may have been taking on too much with all these shows. It was many things on his plate that started to pile up at once.”