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John Legend on Chrissy Teigen’s AMAs Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘We Were Worried'

John Legend on Chrissy Teigen’s AMAs Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘We Were Worried'

“Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds sat down with singer John Legend, who opened up about his wife Chrissy Teigen’s AMAs wardrobe malfunction and his friend Kanye West.

On Sunday, Chrissy made headlines for accidentally flashing her private parts on the red carpet while wearing a Yousef Akbar gown, which had slits up to her rib cage. Chrissy took to social media to apologize in her own unique way, joking, “I am pretty sure you could clearly see I'm a lady."

John told Tracey, “The photographer had to get the exact perfect angle. If people are enticed or excited by that, that’s their thing, it's just a moment in time that was captured on film. I love the dress and I thought it was great.” He continued, “Honestly, we were worried there might be that moment, so we checked it. We were watching her walk. I was like, ‘It looks good. Looks like all is well.' But obviously, if a photographer is resourceful enough they can find that one moment.”

Legend also spoke about his good friend Kanye West, who has been hospitalized after canceling the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour. “I just want him to get some rest and if he's not well, get some help. We were with Kim a couple days ago, but he was on the road so I haven't spoken to him since all this happened.”

John also weighed in on what is happening with President-elect Trump. He and wife, huge supporters of Hillary Clinton, admitted he was in disbelief when she didn’t win the election. “Of course we were disappointed… We’ll have to figure out what to do in this new era, we have to stay aware of what's happening, and we have to speak out. He has the chance, the question is what he’s gonna do with this chance... You start to see where he’s headed by the personnel he’s hired... We’re not off to a good start... I don’t think that’s an administration that is going to be inclusive and is going to seek justice for all Americans.”

Legend praised the cast of “Hamilton” for speaking their minds on the night that VP-elect Mike Pence was in the audience. “I thought they were very respectful to Mr. Pence and I thought they said some things a lot of us are thinking… They had their moment and they didn't want to throw away their shot.”

The 37-year-old has been busy promoting his new music, releasing the video for his single “Love Me Now,” which features Chrissy and their baby girl Luna. He dished, “We wanted to show that love is universal, that music is universal, that we’re all connected in a lot of ways.” As for how well Luna did on the shoot, he shared, "She was having fun… She was in a good mood at that moment, anything that wasn’t good wasn’t on camera.”

John revealed how fatherhood has changed his music, saying, “I think it gives you new things to write about… I write about what’s happening in my life.”

Legend went on to say that his new album “Darkness and Light” is autobiographical.