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‘Extra’ Exclusive: Caitlyn Jenner Gushes About Her Family’s Love During Tough Times

Over the weekend, only “Extra” special correspondent Dorion Renaud was with Caitlyn Jenner as she supported her son Brandon Jenner at a release party for his new solo album, “Burning Ground.”

Awesome interview with @caitlynjenner for @extratv tonight for @brandontjenner Album Release! #amas #caitlynjenner

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During their chat, Jenner opened up about her family, saying, “I have been so blessed as a parent to have wonderful, wonderful kids — 10 of them. All of them have really worked hard in all the different fields they’re in. They all have been successful, and today is another night to celebrate that.”

Jenner just celebrated the birth of another grandchild, Dream, who was born last week. She smiled, saying, “I just brought in the eleventh grandchild… Ten kids now and eleven grandchildren. I am pulling for thirty grandchildren, I’m a third of the way there.” In all seriousness, she added, “I have been very blessed with great kids, this and that. The good part is, after all I have been through, they still love me.”

Brandon is releasing the first video from his album, “I Believe." Caitlyn shared what she believes, saying, “I believe in love, hard work; I always tell my kids the ability to grow is directly related to the amount of insecurity you can take in your life… You gotta get back out there in the insecure areas of life and, you know, that’s when you know you are growing; and they’ve all followed that, they have all taken risks in their lives.”

Caitlyn is especially proud of the work Brandon has put into his music. Brandon has been playing the guitar since the age of 14. “I had a conversation with him six months ago. I said, 'You want your daughter to be proud of you and you want to live by example and have a great work ethic and then it will brush on her.' I remember when I saw the first cut of the video, after it was over. Brandon was sitting behind me and I turned around and said, 'You know what? Eva would be very proud of her daddy.' I am so proud of all my kids, in this case tonight, especially Brandon; he’s very talented, my little Gandhi. He’s out there with beautiful stuff, and right now we need positive messages.”