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Kanye West Hospitalized

Kanye West Hospitalized

Just hours after canceling his Saint Pablo tour, rapper Kanye West has been hospitalized, TMZ reports.

West has been admitted to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. Earlier on Monday, police and paramedics were asked to do a welfare check on Kanye, who was at his trainer Harley Pasternak's home at the time. He was reportedly "acting erratically" and was eventually transported to the hospital.

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Sources say he was admitted after being checked out by one of his doctors for severe sleep deprivation.

Though his doctors made the decision to have him hospitalized, he was against the idea and reportedly had to be restrained during the ordeal. There are conflicting reports as to whether Kanye's physician Dr. Michael Farzam placed him on a 5150 psychiatric hold. According to the police report, Farzam made the authorities aware that Kanye had allegedly attempted to assault a staff member at the gym. He also warned police arriving on the scene that Kanye could become violent.

Another insider told People magazine, "He is exhausted and currently dealing with sleep deprivation. He went to the hospital at will under the advise of his physician. He’s fine."

The same source explained that Kanye is going through a tough time, raising eyebrows with his recent rants about Beyoncé and Jay Z. "He feels like he’s under spiritual attack, and has been for awhile. It’s not just the big things; it’s smaller, quieter things, internal things. You might think that it’s about Kim’s robbery, and while that didn’t help, that’s not what’s going on here. He’s dealing with a lot more subtle issues."

"His mother died in November, so this time of year always brings him a lot of pain. He keeps that pain internalized, but sometimes will talk about how hard this time of year is for him. He works through the pain every November," the pal continued about the sudden death of West's mom, who died in 2007 of heart disease and post-operative issues after undergoing extensive plastic surgery.

Kanye's hospitalization came immediately after he canceled his tour, which mother-in-law Kris Jenner blamed on "exhaustion." At last night's Angel Ball, Kris told "Extra's" AJ Calloway, "He's just really tired. He's had a grueling tour and it's been a grind so he just needs some rest."

The source went into further detail, saying, "He feels like it’s a trying time for his spirit, but that can be a good thing. He isn’t one to run away from these things. He leans in and listens, and comes away a stronger, better man. But it hurts him; his spirit is vexed. But that’s where growth comes from."

"Sometimes, darkness creeps in, and Kanye wrestles against it. He talks about that a lot. It’s exhausting, and it takes everything he’s got. He’s just so tired now; he’s very low-energy and feels like there’s a grieving in his spirit. It’s very hard to explain, but something has happened recently, where he’s not the ‘Ye that everyone knows," the insider reiterated.

While Kanye was dealing with the hospitalization, wife Kim Kardashian was scheduled to make the Angel Ball her first red-carpet event since being robbed. Kardashian instead ended up skipping the event, which was honoring her late dad Robert, and jetting back to Los Angeles Monday night.


Before his breakdown, Kanye opened up to Surface magazine about how he does business. He explained, “I want to do really straightforward, stupid business — just talk to me like a 4-year-old. And I refuse to negotiate. I do not negotiate. I can collaborate. But I’m an artist, so as soon as you negotiate, you’re being compromised.”