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Eva Longoria Dishes on Her Thanksgiving Plans with José ‘Pepe' Bastón

Eva Longoria Dishes on Her Thanksgiving Plans with José ‘Pepe' Bastón

Last night, actress Eva Longoria sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at L’Oréal’s Women of Worth event in NYC, where she chatted about her holiday plans with husband José ‘Pepe’ Bastón.

Longoria and Bastón are celebrating their first Thanksgiving as a married couple. She shared, “It's about 30 people, and this year Pepe's family is coming because in Mexico they don't have Thanksgiving so they're coming to celebrate with us and they're so excited. My stepson's like, ‘I get to eat turkey?' Thanksgiving is my jam! Thanksgiving is my holiday, I get more excited about Thanksgiving than any other holiday because I cook, I'm the one that makes the turkey, I make the stuffing and all the vegetables, the mashed potatoes, I make the apple pies, I make everything from scratch and I'll plan it for, like, a month and a half.”

Though many roast their turkey, Longoria is frying hers! She dished, “Peanut oil… I love the peanut oil, it makes it so crispy and amazing.” Longoria has been doing practice runs on new recipes for mashed potatoes and stuffing, saying she even makes her own cranberry sauce. “I make these amazing poached pears with cranberry.”

Speaking of amazing, Longoria used the same adjective to describe her man. She gushed, "He's just delicious. I'm just obsessed with him… I just want to squeeze him so tight. He's awesome — he's amazing.”

Along with Bastón, Longoria is also in love with his kids, Sebastian, Natalia, Mariana, and Jose Antonio. She raved, "They're the greatest thing of the marriage — no offense, Pepe.” When asked if they spoil his kids, Longoria responded, "We really don't. We're really good with them.”

The L’Oreal ambassador also revealed one shocking bombshell. She said, "I was raised as the ugly duckling… my sisters still don't believe I'm the ambassador for L’Oréal. They’re like, ‘Really?'” She added, “My family used to call me la prieta fea which means the ugly, dark one.”

Longoria was on hand to help "honor women who are doing amazing things in their communities and showing their beauty from within... this event makes me cry every time."

Just before the interview, Eva took to Snapchat to share a behind-the-scenes moment with AJ. Watch!