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‘Blindspot’ Actress Jaimie Alexander Breaks the Hollywood Mold

‘Blindspot’ Actress Jaimie Alexander Breaks the Hollywood Mold
LaPalme magazine

Jaimie Alexander has her own sense of style and a go-get-'em attitude that applies to her fashion sense and her career. Featured on the holiday cover of LaPalme magazine, she opens up about making it in the industry and why she is here to stay.

The stunning brunette plays Jane Doe on the NBC series “Blindspot,” but off set she is known to have an effortless cool style that is all her own. “I love confidence. I try to incorporate that into my daily style,” she says. “If I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing then I'm confident. Some days that's sweatpants and a beanie and other days it's an evening gown with Giuseppe Zanotti heels.”

The 32-year-old describes herself as, “Edgy but with class. Elegance isn't just a look, it's a behavior.” She references influencers like Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani as her style icons. “I loved [Angelina in] her early days… all the goth and edge she had,” Alexander says. “I love Gwen for having her own vibe. For all the fashion ‘risks’ she takes. I find her inspiring.”


Jaimie strives to always remain true to herself. "It’s not a good feeling when you’re told your style is too this or too that,” Alexander says. “I lost some of my individuality listening to that bullsh*t. Now I wear what I want when I want. That kind of freedom, that kind of confidence is intoxicatingly fun.”

The Hollywood powerhouse is making a name for herself playing confident, edgy, and strong female roles. “I appreciate these roles,” she says. “I have a fighter’s spirit and so do most of the characters I play.”

Ever since nabbing the role of Jane Doe, the actress’ life has changed. “I’ve learned a lot about myself. How far to push myself and when to ask for help… I’ve learned to truly focus on what’s important and I don’t let the little things get me down,” she says.


With the success of her many roles she has had, she has continued to remain humble. “I think gratitude is like a magnet. Once I find something I'm passionate about, I become extremely thankful. In turn, more of the same comes my way,” she says. “It has always been my wish to inspire others through what I do in my life and career.”

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