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Why Megyn Kelly Spoke Out About Roger Ailes’ Alleged Sexual Harassment

Why Megyn Kelly Spoke Out About Roger Ailes’ Alleged Sexual Harassment

Earlier this morning, Megyn Kelly sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway and opened up about why she decided to come forward about unwanted sexual advances from her ex-boss, former Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, that she claims she endured years ago.

She told AJ she decided to include her shocking claims in her book “Settle for More” once allegations against Ailes were made public by “Fox & Friends” anchor Gretchen Carlson. She said she had a talk with the Fox owners, telling AJ, “I spoke to the Murdochs on whether I should write about it… We all agreed it would be a glaring omission if I left it out.”

Kelly admitted the alleged harassment took place 10 years ago. In her book, she wrote that she spoke about the harassment to a supervisor at Fox News. “I think I did what I could do given my limited position in the company.” She reiterated, "I think even today woman are struggling… I want them to know they’re not to blame, and they’re almost certainly not the only ones… If I were in this position again, I would recommend going to in particular a woman with influence in my company who could perhaps can help me navigate.”

Kelly’s Fox News co-worker Bill O’Reilly recently told CBS’s “This Morning” that he wasn’t interested in discussing Kelly’s harassment claims because he didn’t want to sully his network. Megyn, responding to O’Reilly’s comment, said, ”It’s important to talk about this, and if anybody was doing something bad to Fox News, it’s Roger Ailes, and those of us he targeted along with the owners of the company feel we should be honest about that situation so it doesn’t happen again.”

When asked what she would say to Ailes if she came to face-to-face with him, Kelly answered, "I don’t think I'd have anything to say."

The 45-year-old also weighed in on President-elect Trump. The two feuded during the election, but she said she was not stunned by his win. Despite their past differences, she is hopeful she will interview him again. “I have a good relationship with him now, I get along with Ivanka, I know his children, I know his family — even before he was elected, I was getting signs back from Team Trump that an interview was coming. I feel good about it.”

Kelly has been busy promoting her book. Underscoring one of its themes, she told AJ, “When you come to tough times, you have to demand more of yourself. If you feel unhappy, you have to demand more from yourself."