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Black Eyed Peas Singer's Secret Testicular Cancer Battle

Black Eyed Peas Singer's Secret Testicular Cancer Battle
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Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas opened up about his secret battle with testicular cancer for the first time, speaking to “Extra’s” resident medical correspondent Dr. Armand Dorian about the diagnosis.

The 41-year-old broke his silence, saying, “I’m a cancer survivor. I got diagnosed with cancer in 2014. I went through the whole thing, chemotherapy, intensive crazy situation for 12 weeks… five days a week, six hours a day. It was a nightmare, torture, and war all in one."

The “I Gotta Feeling” singer was diagnosed after visiting the ER for chronic back pain he suffered for years after breaking his tailbone. Taboo was told by doctors that time was not on his side. “The next day you have to go into surgery to get your right testicle removed.”

Family and friends stood by his side. “I thank God, I thank my wife my kids… I had to explain to them that Dad was going to be sick for a while.”

His Black Eyed Peas bandmates were there every step of the way. “I remember talking to will.i.am and Apple, and them saying, 'You’re a warrior, Tab, you’ll get through this, you can do this'… and then Fergie came to the house with her husband and son Axl after my first chemo run.”

Through it all, Taboo stayed positive and determined to beat the disease. “I felt like the deadliest warrior. I felt like I had to go into that warrior mentality… I felt like I just had to fight.”

Now the singer is well. “I’ve been cancer-free for two years now, but I have to get checked every three months.”

He wants to enlighten the public and help others with his story, so he is partnering with the American Cancer Society to help others fight the deadly disease. “I want to be an example, but also give people hope and inspiration through my experience.”

Taboo created a song, "The Fight," while going through chemo. “It is our anthem to be able to give people hope and inspiration that are going through the fight.”

The singer and dancer asked to speak to Dr. Dorian at a dance studio for a reason, sharing, “This dance studio represents where it all started for me as a dancer… That’s why I wanted to bring you here is to show you that thing didn’t take me out, it actually made me stronger.” He then showed off some of his dance moves.