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Arrests Made for ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Jake Harris’ Brutal Beating

Arrests Made for ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Jake Harris’ Brutal Beating

Days after former “Deadliest Catch” star Jake Harris was assaulted, arrests have been made.

In a press release, the Spokane police department announced that two suspects were arrested and taken into custody last night. The two will return to Everett, where they will be booked for probable cause charges for robbery.

Though Jake is still hospitalized, he helped detectives identify the assailants, who he befriended one day before the attack. According to Harris, the two suspects agreed to give him a ride home after they met up at a casino in Washington, but things got violent after a pit stop in Everett. He lost consciousness during the beating and was reportedly thrown out of the vehicle and left on the side of the freeway without his wallet, which had $2,400 cash and his ID, according to TMZ.

He was eventually found by a passerby, who called the cops. Harris refused medical attention at first and was driven home by a police officer. His girlfriend would eventually take him to the hospital for his injuries.

The cops have not identified the suspects, but revealed that the vehicle used in the assault was a Range Rover.