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Pharrell Predicts What Will Happen After Donald Trump’s Win

Pharrell Predicts What Will Happen After Donald Trump’s Win

Last night, former “The Voice” judge Pharrell Williams spoke with “Extra” at the Oscars Governors Awards about what good can come from Donald Trump winning the election.

The Hillary Clinton supporter, who even joined the Democratic candidate on the campaign trail, commented, "If there’s any good out of this, from my perspective, the first thing that I would identify is that there’s going be a lot of people coming together.”

Pharrell continued, saying, "You’re going to see the minorities galvanize. You’re going to see women stick together like they haven’t ever before, in really pronounced ways that we may not have not ever seen. You’re going to see the same with my community, the African-American community, you’re going to see us come together and galvanize in ways because people will recognize there’s a lot of power in numbers. You’ll see different Latin ethnicities come together and support the Mexican community after everything that has been said and what’s been going on. You’re going to see people understand and have empathy for immigration and recognize, at the end of the day, this nation was built on immigrants, mostly people who took things. You’re also going to see the Native Americans stick together, too.”