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Bono on His 40th Anniversary and His Glamour Honor

Bono on His 40th Anniversary and His Glamour Honor
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It was a big night for Bono Monday as he became the first man to receive a Glamour Women of the Year Award. "Extra's" Renee Bargh caught up with the activist and lead singer of U2 in Los Angeles, where he chatted about the honor and his 40th anniversary of meeting his wife Ali Hewson.

Bono was excited to be receiving the award. He joked, “I couldn’t find the humility in me to turn it down.” In all seriousness, he said, “It’s an amazing thing… I’m really proud, actually.” His wife was just as proud, saying, “I am, I like a bit of woman in my man, too.” She added, “The only men you can respect are the ones who fight for women, like them enough to fight for women.”

Bono and Ali, who have been married 34 years, are celebrating their 40th anniversary together. He gushed, “We were teenagers, went to the same school, high school, it just so happens it was this night, this afternoon, I walked her to her bus. Isn’t that mad?” He acknowledged that it sounded disgustingly cheesy, joking, "It’s actually projectile vomit at the same time as it comes out of my mouth — it should be less coming out of my mouth.”

One thing he was not joking about was the election. Bono, a true international superstar, reflected on the campaign and on Donald Trump winning. “It’s a zoo. It’s not becoming of this great country,” he said. "I love America, I love Americans. I need to respect their decision. We need to understand, those of us that are critical of Donald Trump, why people voted, what was their reasoning.”

He went on to call the whole election worse than an R-rated movie. “It was an NC-17 situation… An election that was not fit for children.”