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Lin-Manuel Miranda Reflects on Election, ‘Moana’ & ‘Hamilton’ Mixtape

On Thursday, Broadway sensation Lin-Manuel Miranda joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios to talk about his new movie “Moana” and weigh in on the presidential election.

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On Monday, Miranda took to social media to express how scared he was of the election outcome. Of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, he said, "For those of us who were with her, the things that she believes in and the values that you believe in, they don't go away because you lost an election so you keep fighting for those things and that's what, that's our job now.”

Politics aside, Miranda has won a Pulitzer prize, two Grammys, an Emmy, and three Tony awards, plus many more accolades. The 36-year-old also had the big job of writing and producing songs for the soundtrack of Disney’s “Moana.” He shared, “I got this job pre-‘Hamilton’… I interviewed for the job and I found out I got the job the same day I found out I was going to be a dad, so it was one of those, like, ‘You’re gonna be a father, you're writing songs for a Disney movie, and pack your bags because you’re going to New Zealand 'cause they already started and you need to catch up!’ It was one of those life-changing days.”

Miranda even wrote a song for The Rock to sing in the movie. “He got himself to sing and he can really sing… His song is called 'You're Welcome’… He’s got guns, he’s got pipes.”

Along with “Moana,” Miranda is also thrilling fans of his hit show “Hamilton” by putting together a mixtape of “Hamilton” demos and covers featuring huge stars like John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. “Sia covered ‘Satisfied' with Queen Latifah and Miguel. And we have a song called ‘Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)' that's all my favorite global emcees — it's K’naan, it's Residente from Calle 13, I mean, just incredible rappers.”

Lin-Manuel is also working on Disney’s new "Mary Poppins" movie with Emily Blunt. “We just moved to London and we’re rehearsing; that will come out in 2018.” In the movie, he’ll play a character similar to the one Dick Van Dyke played. “I get to go on the fun rides. I’m not a chimney sweeper, but I get to go on all the fun adventures.”

He is hoping to be part of the adventure when Disney creates a live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid,” too! “It’s no coincidence my son’s name is Sebastian — I’m such a fan of that movie. I just really want to be a part of it when they take it to the next level.”

For now, you can see “Moana” in theaters November 23.