Kim Kardashian Fights for Gun Control Before Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian Fights for Gun Control Before Paris Robbery

On this Sunday’s all-new episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim urges younger sister Kendall Jenner to stand up for what she believes in.

Kim proposes that Kendall and Khloé take part in Everytown, an organization that fights to change gun laws. "I set up a lunch with some gun-violence victims — some family members that have been affected that I think would really love to meet you guys, because they really do appreciate people like us speaking out.”

She continued, “There are so many loopholes in the system, and I just feel really passionately [that it has] to change.”

Watch the clip below.

Hesitant, Kendall weighs wanting to use her fame for good, but fearing she might receive backlash for supporting stricter gun laws. “I want to do this and I want to be a part of it, but it just makes me nervous. Like, what people are going to think of it — you don’t know who’s actually going to be for it and who’s not.”

Kim tries to alleviate some of her worries by explaining to her about the pros and cons of speaking up about what you believe in, saying, “I feel like in life I’ve gotten a lot of backlash and I’ve gotten a lot of hate, so I’m just going to stick up for what I believe in and what I want.”

The sneak peek ends with Jenner saying, “It might bring more harm than good… It’s something that you believe in so you have to be confident in it and go for it, but at the same time… like, I don’t know.”

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