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Sarah Palin Reveals Why Donald Trump Should Be President

Sarah Palin Reveals Why Donald Trump Should Be President

“Extra” was one-on-one with Sarah Palin as she stumped for Trump in Michigan.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate had a clear message for why people should vote for Donald Trump tomorrow. “He wasn’t a politician and he’s not a politician… We need that change, we need successful people who have such a heart for the people for who they will be serving, not professional politicians… We need new blood, new ideas, Trump from the start showed me that.” Palin added, “The best thing about Trump is his heart for this country.”

Palin sounded-off on the recent news regarding Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails and headlines surrounding money raised by the Clinton Foundation. “I heard at first blush that [Comey] decided to kind of end that investigation into her using emails, but, well, the Clinton Foundation, though, the multi-multi-million-dollar corruption case that’s going to evolve here soon, she’s still a part of that and they’re still investigating that.” She reiterated, “We don’t need a president that’s under investigation.”

The former governor of Alaska, who herself has been impersonated on “Saturday Night Live,” reacted to Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump by saying, “Alec Baldwin and I get along pretty well. I really respect his talent — I wish he would put it to better use, just like Tina Fey’s talent, I wish she would put it to better use instead of mocking me. Hey, that’s entertainment… Very common in Hollywood and Celebrity World to have free reign, bashing the conservatives and let the liberals get away with everything.”

Palin also gave an update on how her husband Todd is doing after his serious snowmobile accident in March. "He’s doing great,” she said. “He’s gonna race the Iron Dog again this year. He’s with the kids wrenching on machines and gearing up physically and mentally to get back out there."