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Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About New Album

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with Jon Bon Jovi, who opened up about the emotional road to making his band Bon Jovi's 14th album.

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The rocker shared about the new record, "You know what I realized, it’s been four years since ‘What About Now.’ It’s been a lifetime. Other days, it feels like it was yesterday 'cause it seems like the last tour was yesterday; it’s three years ago now, and I was just in this fog and there’s a lot of things that I had to process so that I could get to a place where I could write it down, music I could share with people. But coming out of that fog now, I feel great."

One of the things he had to process was guitarist Richie Sambora leaving the band. “There was a number of things — I mean, as we sit here in the hallowed halls of my record company... We had a big falling out and that, too, was one of the things that was rectified. Of course, everyone knows that once Richie didn’t show up for work anymore we had to go on — that was another issue — so there's been a number of things that weren’t expected, and so I had to process that.”

As for how it he got through it all, Jon revealed, “I had a lot of friends and you know what was great, is I can say I had a lot of help, I had a lot of people helping me to get through it — friends when I needed friends, shoulder when I needed a shoulder, and I did, I needed that shoulder, so the writing was the end result of that breakdown, the turmoil, the coming to the crossroads and figuring out what the hell happened to me and 'where am I going with this?' because we don’t make music frivolously… I had to have something to say and I needed the tools to say it, which was the band and the support.”

The rock star admitted he took a page out of Beyoncé’s book, drawing inspiration from her latest album. He said, “Having seen Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade' I said, 'I'd like to make a video for every song,' and we've never done that before… Tidal said, ‘We'll make a video for every song on the record if you want to do that,' and I said, ‘That would be great,' and we could really tell the stories behind the lyric, so there's no performance video, these are like little mini-movies, and so I really applaud Tidal for taking the shot.”

In Bon Jovi’s “Labor of Love” music video, Jon cast a surprise young star instead of appearing in it himself. “You know who's in it, though, is Bob Dylan’s grandson, Jake Dylan's son. Levi Dylan is the handsome young man in the video. He’s a great kid and we put him in a couple of them.”

The group's newly released single, ‘This House Is Not for Sale,” is also helping him move on. “'This House Is Not for Sale' is about integrity; it’s about a rebirth, also.”

"This House Is Not for Sale" drops tomorrow and Bon Jovi's upcoming tour kicks off in February.