The 5 Most Haunted Mansions in the U.S.!

The 5 Most Haunted Mansions in the U.S.!
Robb Report

Halloween is just a day away, but every day is Halloween at these five mansions — according to Robb Report, they're among the country's most haunted!

On the list is LaLaurie Manion, a charming New Orleans residence that hides a gruesome history — the lady of the house, Delphine LaLaurie, hid a chamber of horrors in which she would torture her slaves! Her grisly pastime was only revealed when the place caught fire. LaLaurie was never brought to justice, and the house is said to fill with distant screams.

Less frighteningly, it once belonged to actor Nicolas Cage.

Pictured above is Franklin Castle, a Victorian-style home in Cleveland built in the late 1800s infamous for a string of unexplained deaths in the owner's family. It is known far and wide as the most haunted spot in all of Ohio — don't trick or treat there!

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