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Dax Holt Wins Second Place in Kelly Ripa Co-Host Contest

Dax Holt Wins Second Place in Kelly Ripa Co-Host Contest

Dax Holt, formerly of popular entertainment show TMZ, won second place in morning talk show host Kelly Ripa’s search for a co-host.

Holt was part of a recent contest called “Live with Kelly and YOU,” which was launched by the TV personality in order to offer viewers the opportunity to co-host an entire show with her! On the heels of the recent departure of Michael Strahan, the search was a way to keep the empty seat occupied while the search continues for a permanent replacement.

Dax, a fan favorite, found out Friday that he did not win the top spot, posting a thank you message on his Instagram for the close call. “I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty bummed... But I'm so excited to have made it as far as I did. I had so much fun every step of the way. Thank you for the thousands of kind comments and posts! You guys really are amazing! Hope I made you proud! Now it's time to turn this loss into a Jennifer Hudson situation 😉. Love you all!!!! –Dax”

Holt’s reference to Jennifer Hudson was a humorous way to show that he may have lost the top spot, but he is not down about it — Hudson was a mere runner-up on the third season of “American Idol,” but famously went on to win the Academy Award for her performance in the film “Dreamgirls.”

Dax summed up the experience in an exclusive video diary for “Extra.” Watch!