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Tom Cruise Dishes on 'Mission Impossible 6'

Tom Cruise Dishes on 'Mission Impossible 6'

Last night was a big one for the biggest movie star in the world... Tom Cruise, who attended the New Orleans premiere of his latest film, "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back."

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Tom, who not only dished on the sequel to 2012's action-thriller "Jack Reacher," but also about the highly anticipated "Mission: Impossible 6."

Tom chatted about how he'll top his “MI 5” plane stunt, saying, “It’s wild. I’ve been thinking about this... that I wanted to do for a long time. The story really holds this kind of thing that we're gonna do. There’s a couple of things that I have been training for, for a couple of years to be able to do. If we get it right, it's gonna be really fun for the audience.”

Though Tom is still not sure what wild location will be used to shoot the film, he did reveal, “Honing in on some places. Who’s gonna let us shut down some streets and let me do some crazy stuff?”

Aside from "MI6," Cruise has been focused on promoting “Reacher” and is happy to bring Jack back to the big screen, commenting, “He’s so unique, this character, he’s so funny.”

Cruise did all of his stunts for the movie, dishing, "His fighting style is just very brutal. You’re gonna be limping after finishing a Reacher fight."

Cobie Smulders, new to the franchise as Susan Turner, is giving Jack a taste of his own medicine. Tom said, “Toe to toe and hand to hand.” Tom, who spent a lot of time with the cast helping them to prepare, said, “I know what it’s like doing these scenes… Cobie, that’s all Cobie.”

"Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" is in theaters Friday.