Sharna Burgess' 'DWTS' Blog: 'Everything Magically Came Together'

Sharna Burgess' 'DWTS' Blog: 'Everything Magically Came Together'

Sharna Burgess is our “Dancing with the Stars" guest blogger this week. Check out her post below!

“Most Memorable Year” is always one of my favorite weeks on “Dancing with the Stars.” I love getting to know our celebrities and finding out something special about them and their story. I usually need a box of Kleenex from start to finish, and this season was no different.

I was incredibly proud of James. It was a tough week putting our tango together, and not because he was not learning, but because I was not producing choreography that I thought was strong enough. I have to be honest and say that I was changing choreography on him right up until Sunday, and he handled it like a champ. I, of course, put the pressure on him because I wanted to make sure this dance emulated James’ story.

Usually I have contemporary for “Most Memorable Year,” so it was very different for me to have a tango and try to tell the story while having to stay in frame. Everything magically came together the night of and James performed beautifully. He blew away the judges and we almost got a perfect score, but more importantly we got OUR highest score yet. We were an amazing team on Monday and it was an honor for me to choreograph that piece for James.

Heading into Week 6, it is Latin night, which means we need to get the hips moving and the sexy face happening. We have the rumba and I love our song, it is very romantic and sexy in its own way. I have decided to go very authentic, ballroom competition in our costumes. It is going to be a great night.

It was amazing to not have to lose anyone this week, but someone is going home next week and we need votes more than anything!

Thank you for all the love to everybody that is voting and supporting us. You guys are amazing. #TeamStopNGo, we are going to keep making you proud!