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Lindsey Vonn Reveals the Biggest Thing She Learned from Relationship with Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn Reveals the Biggest Thing She Learned from Relationship with Tiger Woods

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood, where opened up to “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson about her new book “Strong Is the New Beautiful” and her breakup with Tiger Woods.

Vonn dated Woods for three years and insists they are still friends. “Yeah, we're friends. I wish him all the best. We stay in touch, but we're both in different places in our lives.” The 31-year-old revealed the biggest thing she learned from their high-profile relationship was, “Just to block out the noise. I got so many mean and hateful things thrown at me when we first started dating that it was hard to stay positive, and not to think about it or read comments on Instagram or Facebook and stuff.”

She continued, “It taught me to be confident in myself… When you’re in the limelight for sports, everyone’s pretty supportive because they know the highs and lows and they understand that you’re working hard, and especially with my injuries, they’re always great, but when I started dating him it changed to more of the paparazzi style, just gossip. It’s a whole other ballgame. It’s really hard to navigate.”

Now, she is navigating her track for training for the next Olympics. “Yes, that's my next big goal. Obviously, I have World Cup Tour this season, championships in February, but my next big, big event will be the Olympics in 2018, so hopefully I can stay healthy, do well.”

In her book "Strong Is the New Beautiful," the gold medalist addresses issues with body confidence, saying, “I'm still not 100 percent confident in myself all the time, but I definitely feel like I made a lot of progress… I just always felt like I was bigger than everyone else and more muscular and just didn't really fit in well. Now, with this book I finally feel like I'm at the place where I can be naked in a picture and I'm like, ‘Yeah, I'm proud of that.’"

She confessed that posing naked with ski poles for the book “was actually my idea,” adding, “I felt like that encompassed me and where I am in my life. It’s my skiing position — that’s what I am, I’m strong I’m really powerfulm and I love it.”

Lindsey’s new book is on sale now.