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Celebrities React to Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments

Celebrities React to Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments

The presidential race has been a hot topic of discussion for months. Over the weekend, “Extra” caught up with celebrities at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills, which benefits the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, where they talked openly about the race and Donald Trump’s recent lewd comments.

Comedian Kathy Griffin came out swinging, crashing “Extra’s” Terri Seymour’s interview with Sharon Stone. While asking Sharon how candid she was going to be about Trump, Griffin declared, “I’m going for it!” She told Sharon, "Well, you’re in good hands with Terri, but if you need anyone to go off and ruin your career, just a lot of words about Trump, I’ll do it!”

Sharon told Kathy to “go crazy.” Kathy went on, "Trump and Billy Bush both need to be fired from life. Just from life. Stop torturing us.” Kathy then joked, “Sorry, I just found out [Sharon] is a huge Trump surrogate.”

While laughing, Sharon responded, "I feel that it’s not my job to comment, nor does anyone need to comment further.”

Griffin did, however, comment further to Terri. When asked about Trump’s latest controversy, Kathy said, “First of all, controversy is an understatement! I do like when they say 'aggressive sexual comments' instead of just sexual harassment, but I think it could be over finally and I am so glad and so relieved because I was thinking why there’s so much resistance, and people don’t like to say it’s because she’s a woman — except that it is.”

Kathy also weighed in on why people seem to be so resistant to the idea of a female president. She explained, “I’m with her, obviously, but we also just need to speak out against him and his kind more.”

After watching the tape of Trump’s lewd comments, Kathy commented on how it has affected women. “First, we all have that fear that when guys are alone, that’s really how they talk about us. Number two, you make a joke, but then hearing him chew those Tic Tacs, you go, ‘He’s not just making an offhanded comment, he does this, this is what he does.' And knowing that Melania was pregnant at the time, that’s another trigger for a lot of women. ‘So I’m pregnant and my husband is doing this on a bus with Billy Bush?’ It doesn’t get worse.”

On the same evening, Terri also spoke with Vivica A. Fox, who previously appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” when Trump was the host. She dished, “I’ve said it since he first decided to run for president. It’s not another notch on the belt. This is serious. I want our country to continue to go forward… and guess what? That means that the country is evolving. The world is evolving. And he’s trying to take us back. He wants to make America great again? I don’t agree with him on that — America’s great. He tries to say that our military is weak, that especially black people, we just livin’ in hell, what we got to lose, so elect him? Not doing that.”

Constance Marie, best known for her role as Angie Lopez on “George Lopez,” joined Vivica during the interview, echoing a similar message. She emphasized that Trump is "not fit to be my president.” As for Robert De Niro’s tirade against Trump in the #VoteYourFuture campaign video, Constance shared, “We’ve become so numb to Trump’s antics and comments, but then someone with such maturity and integrity [De Niro] comes along and speaks about someone so straightforward." Vivica chimed in, “Kudos to Robert De Niro; right now, you got your super-America-‘Godfather’-black-we-roll-with-you Robert De Niro card today! It was so G, it was so fly.”

When asked what they would say to Trump if they could do their own video, Vivica responded, “On behalf of a former Celebrity Apprentice, Donald, you’re fired!”

Meanwhile, Trump was also a topic of conversation at New York Comic Con. Matt Damon, who was celebrating his birthday, appeared on the panel for the movie "The Great Wall." He told the crowd he got a birthday text from his dad that said, “Happy Birthday, my boy. My birthday present to you is letting you know that in exactly one month we can kiss Trump good-bye. Now, that’s not a bad birthday present. I doubt you will get a better one. Love you, Dad.”