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10 'Mavericks and Rebels' Who Have Revolutionized Luxury

10 'Mavericks and Rebels' Who Have Revolutionized Luxury
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Richard Branson

In a new feature, Robb Report is anointing 10 movers and shakers who "have forever changed the way we look at luxury," and the list includes fashion designers, business moguls, a filmmaker, and many more.

Legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin talks about how innovation drives his field, and his own creativity: "Fashion is a game, and fashion needs to think that it innovates all the time. The motto of fashion is basically Move On."

The man behind the Virgin brand, Richard Branson, also thinks movement is key — which makes sense, since he is moving his brand into outer space with Virgin Galactic! He told the magazine, “I don’t think I will ever stop traveling. It is because I travel so often that I am constantly inspired to do more — and do better.”

Producer and director Francis Ford Coppola, who has branched into winemaking and who runs luxury resorts in South America and Europe, has some surprising advice for young filmmakers. "All the young filmmakers who want to know what to do to be successful, I always say, 'Get married,'" he told Robb Report. "When I was 16, I was the drama counselor at summer camps, and I loved doing shows with little kids. When I was 20, I really wanted to get married and have kids. That’s sort of unusual, but I had so much fun with children. When I did get married, I had no job, no money, nothing. Having this little team that I was responsible for made me very serious about my work. Whereas other people my age were out having fun and going to parties, I was home writing."

Check out Robb Report for the full list of innovators — and for their candid thoughts on how to follow in their footsteps.