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Kim K’s Bodyguard — His History of Violence Revealed

Kim K’s Bodyguard — His History of Violence Revealed

More details are emerging about Kim Kardashian’s personal bodyguard Pascal Duvier after her Paris robbery.

Duvier has faced some criticism for not being by Kim’s side when she was robbed. At the time, he was protecting Kim’s sisters Kourtney and Kendall Jenner at a club in Paris.

DailyMail.com recently uncovered that Duvier filed for bankruptcy after his Germany security company racked up more than €1 million of debt. The publication reports that his ex-wife Glenda also requested a temporary restraining order against him in September 2013.

In the court papers, Glenda claimed, "He hit me in the face. I fell to the floor and passed out. The kids saw and one of my friends.” She also reported her physical injuries from the alleged attack, writing, "Left cheek is swollen, headache persists.”

Pascal denied the accusations and responded to the court papers, "Through her false allegations (she) hopes to destroy the two things that are important to me — my relationship with my children and my career.” He also accused her of cheating on him and recalled one altercation they had, saying, "When I got to the back door, she pulled at my shirt and scratched me. I turned away and tried to protect my face and eyes. In doing so got scratches on my neck and hands. I swiped her hand away from me as I was looking away and her hand was on my neck. I opened the back door. I then heard my daughter crying as I was about to walk out. When I looked back, I saw (her) on the floor. I believe (she) feigned being passed out. I carried her to the bed. Within seconds she was back up on her feet to try to stop me from leaving.”

Pascal did not want the temporary restraining order on his record because he felt it would sway potential clients from hiring him. After the restraining order was granted, Pascal and Glenda’s divorce was finalized in October 2013. Despite the temporary restraining order, it did not stop him from being hired by Kim, who has had him on her security team for the past three years.

On Thursday, Duvier was spotted loading up a car in NYC before Kim flew out to Los Angeles.