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Beyoncé’s Pink Lady Look! Love It or Not So Much?

On Wednesday, Beyoncé definitely turned heads with her ultra-pink outfit while making her way to Jay Z’s office in New York City.


Queen Bey’s presence will attract attention no matter what, but many are wondering how much it costs to dress like her! Bey was dressed head to toe in Gucci, so it’s not a complete surprise the outfit costs $3,400.

The price tag doesn’t include her clutch, which retails for $750!

Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele had a hand in designing the sweater, which features the number 25, his lucky number!

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé rocked Gucci — she also wore crop tops, leggings, and booty shorts from the designer in her “Formation” music video.

Her stylist Marni Senofonte is a big fan of Alessandro and recently gushed, "I just love Alessandro’s work. I just love what he’s doing with that collection. I saw how he was taking Gucci in this complete opposite direction from where it was, and then I was like, ‘Let’s just go completely old school!’ Gucci is new and fresh and completely different, but we still have to remember how amazing our pasts are.”